The mountain

Burning floor boards
Burning hearts
Bled and pumped so hard
Creaking on every shard

The black coat woman strangled the pink witch
Choking on every breath she pulled her hair apart
Shining glistening orange scabs stitched
Every eye open looking for the missing part

The black coat naive little Jane
Ignored the wrecking train
News flash the back stab jumped it all on high heart

Clouds gained weight
Hiked up the mountain of her fate
The sky bled red drenching her in folly
Rolling back to the start poor little dolly

Brown coat little man wanted to go home just like before
But all that was left was creaking floor and burnt doors

The winds were blowing shaking off feet again
The hike seemed impossible to gain
There were shackles in her throat and her heart dragging her back
Poor brown coat lying in a ditch arched with a weak back

What’s the price of a few bad deeds
Do you must die in your blood pool
Gazes for the answer he needs
Who must you entertain you fool

Years ago the vile witch poisoned her eggs down
One the shade of white one black did don
Colours two took very different path
White killed a man and took a warm bath
Black climbed the mountain and fell on every bend
Back up to the mountain the story doesn’t end

The burning black coat
What colour was the coat really
Black was the fire or the fire was it’s black
For it had burned for eternity


°Team defiance°

Note: I say play Earned it by The Weeknd in background to enjoy the post!

Planet: Gaea
Year: 5500 ADD(After the doomsday)
Experiment: Mating habits of humans when left in confinement.
Weather: Unexpected rain and thunderstorms, excessive lightening. No artificial weather involved.
Subjects: One male (age 16 years old) and one female (age 16 years old)
Hormone inducing method used:Sensual music from the year 2015 BDD (Before the dooms day) [Earned it by the Weeknd]
Experiment incharge: Xiom∆4256

°His POV

You make it look like it’s magic. ‘Cause I see nobody,nobody but you, you, you.
The look in her eyes and the smooth and swift walk she makes to the window is enough to make it look like it’s magic outside. Well, it is a miracle. It’s the real rain and thunder after centuries. It used to happen frequently before the doomsday or should I say before they destroyed our planet.

I’m never confused. Hey. Hey. I’m so used to being used.
But she’s still a new being. Searching for answers and ancient theories. After all these experiments I’m all used up. I’m tired of the same things, same walls, she is too but she can find ecstatic moments even when a stupid creature crawls up here. She wonders what it is to be free.

So I love when you call unexpected. ‘Cause I hate when the moment’s expected. So Imma care for you, you, you.
She’s calling me to join her. I refuse like I always do because I wouldn’t miss seeing her defiance. And there she goes. Takes a step on the windowsill. Thousand feet above the ground. Holding the sides of the window and pushing her whole body outside, tasting the rain. Numbed hands belong to me not her. So, I walk up to her. Won’t let her fall.

Cause girl you’re perfect
You’re always worth it
And you deserve it
The way you work it
Cause girl you earned it
Girl you earned it
She’s wearing the red T-shirt inside out so that it’s no more red but black. Black like the night she loves. Her rebellious attitude adorable. Swaying outside the window humming another melancholy. Thunder and lightening shakes me but it illuminates something inside her. Grinning she lifts her leg, takes it to the farthest point she can from this cage. Letting it feel the kiss of the once called beautiful nature. She deserves to be free. To be set free into what’s left of earth to find herself.


You know our love would be tragic
So you don’t pay it, don’t pay it no mind
We live with no lies
Hey, hey
You’re my favorite kind of night.
She knows our love is nothing but hormones when we’re here in this box. She always says we’ll find our love outside or somewhere beyond. So she always walks away with the longing look in her eyes. Something’s there in her tonight. It’s the thunder inside her with the spark of curiosity. Doesn’t she look mesmerizing in this state. I wish every night to be this violent just to see this calm state of her.

*music stops*
Error 0034 Error

She says,” Remember when we talked about wanting to be birds,wanting to fly. Now look at us here we are. Stuck in an alien experiment. ”
She half snorts half laughs.
“Come with me, let’s fly to the tomorrow land”

Nodding I say,” Just a minute. ”

I take out my diary which was safely kept out of reach.
And I write.
‘Love is clean, devoid of lust.
-A guinea pig’

*thunder rumbles,the ground shakes*
*music comes back*

On that lonely night
We said it wouldn’t be love
But we felt the rush
It made us believe it was only us
Convinced we were broken inside.
I rush to her and hold her chilled hand. Hands are silent, voices numb. I take my step on the edge. We’re no drunk yet we’re no sober. I call it the ‘Team defiance’. A look in each other’s eyes and we know it’s time. Violet sky and dark clouds what could be a better way to die.
*lightening strikes the metal beside me*
Two pair of eyes close, two hands clench and off we flew.


Experiment result: Fail
Experiment consequence: Subjects commit suicide.
Other: Mentioning of an ancient word ‘Love’ (links to release of dopamine, testosterone, oestrogen etc.) in an obscured ancient book made from extinct auto trophic organisms called trees.

Heart deity not death deity!

Call me thy lover ‘Persephone’,
‘Cause I’m not in this pestilence alone,
Just like you with all force dragged me out,
To me cosmocrat thou I’m devout,
Learnt the hard way thy love eternal,
Allured to your world infernal,
Your tantalizing calloused hands,
For ’em ready to loathe grands,
Clouds may be the shades of grey,
There may be no night no day,
As long as I feel thy careness,
Forget the fate hapless,
Faith crested with the radiant love thee,
Our hearts entwined like dark twigs I see,
Oh! Me death deity don’t ever leave me,
Let’s fight unto the future can forsee.


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