The mountain

Burning floor boards
Burning hearts
Bled and pumped so hard
Creaking on every shard

The black coat woman strangled the pink witch
Choking on every breath she pulled her hair apart
Shining glistening orange scabs stitched
Every eye open looking for the missing part

The black coat naive little Jane
Ignored the wrecking train
News flash the back stab jumped it all on high heart

Clouds gained weight
Hiked up the mountain of her fate
The sky bled red drenching her in folly
Rolling back to the start poor little dolly

Brown coat little man wanted to go home just like before
But all that was left was creaking floor and burnt doors

The winds were blowing shaking off feet again
The hike seemed impossible to gain
There were shackles in her throat and her heart dragging her back
Poor brown coat lying in a ditch arched with a weak back

What’s the price of a few bad deeds
Do you must die in your blood pool
Gazes for the answer he needs
Who must you entertain you fool

Years ago the vile witch poisoned her eggs down
One the shade of white one black did don
Colours two took very different path
White killed a man and took a warm bath
Black climbed the mountain and fell on every bend
Back up to the mountain the story doesn’t end

The burning black coat
What colour was the coat really
Black was the fire or the fire was it’s black
For it had burned for eternity